Ocean Breeze

It’s Monday, and I get to start off the week with a set of pretty nails.

Aquamarine with crystals

Aquamarine with crystals

The crystals are definitely more bling in real life and this photo fails to do it justice. Perhaps I can try to take some better pictures that captures the light better when I get the chance. In any case, I love it!


(1) Use a nice aquamarine nail polish and colour your nails using the gradient effect.

Gradient effect:
i) Select a nail lacquer that is translucent.
ii) Paint one coat on the entire nail.
iii) Start from the centre of the nails and paint another coat towards the tips.
iii) Paint third and final coat at the tips of your nails.

(2) Working on one finger at a time, apply nail glue and stick on crystals, pearls and bullions.

(3) Apply clear top coat.


(1) Technically speaking, you can stick on the crystals and other embellishments before the polish has dried, then apply a top coat to secure it. This works but I have found that embellishments lasts longer with nail glue, and I do not have to apply a top coat every other day to keep it in place.

(2) Before commencing on each nail, sort out the crystals that is needed before applying nail glue. This way, you can stick the crystals on quickly before the glue dries and you also do not have to scramble to find/pick up the crystals. (Crystals are small and slippery, it’s not that easy to pick up with tweezers esp if you’re not using your usual working hand). The glue does not dry that quick, but generally I find that the hold is strongest when crystals are applied while the glue is still nice and wet.

(3) Always apply cuticle oil! Nail lacquer can be very drying on the surrounding skin.


July 7, 2008. Nail art.

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