Perth in December – Jetstar promo

On Friday, I came back from lunch to this email from Jetstar, “blah blah…new route from Singapore to Perth…from $8…..”

$8!!!!!! I quickly went to the website. Ok, $8 tickets each way allows only hand-carry luggage, but we can get 20kg of check-in baggage allowance if we purchase the $28! The promotion ends that night at 10pm, and only whilst stocks last… and I’ve got a problem, I would need to obtain my leave approval and my boss is still at lunch!

I sat at the edge of my seat and waited nervously till he strolled in 20 mins later. I literally chased him to his desk, explained my situation and ask if he could approve my leave immediately. Oh! I love my boss! He is soooo understanding, and was happy that I could make a trip ‘home’, too. In fact, he asked me to send my formal leave application AFTER I’ve booked the promo tickets as he understands that with these promo tickets, we are sometimes unable to get the dates we want, and would have to be more flexible with the travel dates. How sweet is that?

I bounded back to my desk and booked the tickets right away.

I’m feeling deliriously happy. I’m going back to Perth in December!

Yes, I know it’s just for a visit and I’ll only be there for a week, but it would be three years since I left.

I’m looking forward to the trip. The one reason why this trip has been postponed so many times is because the cost is prohibitive. A return ticket from Singapore Airlines would set me back $1188! Back in my days, it would cost just $700+. During my uni days, student tickets could be obtained for $500+!

2 hours later, a friend from Perth who’s also back in Singapore sent me a msg on MSN. I told him about the offer and he immediately went to book a ticket, too. He is a sky-diving fanatic and goes to Perth for sky-diving. Alas, the $8 tickets are no more! The best prices he can get is $108 one way, and $88 the other. No matter, it is still cheap!

I’m looking forward to the trip, and have sent emails/FB msgs to my friends. I’ve so many people to catch up with, and food to eat! (Yummy yummy chilli mussels here I come!)

Think I might rent a car from the airport, instead of renting a cheap car from Bayswater car rental in the city. That would be more convenient, especially since we’re talking about midnight flights.

Went to Farmart today for fish spa. Will blog about that later, photos included!


July 12, 2008. Daily.

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