Yu Ya fish spa – People’s Park, Chinatown

It was pretty scary at first when the fishes swarm towards you.

Nails for this week. I was lazy so its simple.

 I heard about a fish spa in Chinatown, $13 for 30 mins, so I decided to pop by during lunchtime for a fish spa session.

Turns out there’s another one, prices are:

10 mins – $10
20 mins – $18
30 mins – $28

Expensive, right? The nice uncle there told me it’s because they have a top tank that you can dip your hands in as well, a nicer ambience, and they got better fishes.

I said, ok, I’ll pop over to the other one for a look and I’ll decide.

There was a lady in the pool in the other shop. She was there alone in a huge tank of fishes but the fishes are just swimming around, not many on her legs. The fishes looked comparatively more lethargic as well. So, I decided to try the more expensive one. I figured, 20 mins at $18 I would probably get more out of it then 30 mins at this place anyway.


Can you even see my legs in this?

Can you even see my legs in this?

See what I mean?
There's a tank on top as well, for your hands

There's a tank on top as well, for your hands



The shop itself

The shop itself



The tip is not to look when you first place your feet in. The truth is, the sight of the fishes swarming towards you in a, I would interpret it as, hungry, manner, could be pretty scary. In terms of the sensation it feels like slight nibbling. Similar to when my dog licks my hand, though this is obviously not a tongue and is the mouths of small fishes…. argghh… I dont’ know how to explain! But it’s not that scary really, once you get used to the idea.

In terms of actual exfoliation, I say nothings beats a scrub and a foot file. But for the experience it was fun. Would I make this a regular part of my healthcare/skincare regime? Probably not. I would rather get another foot reflexology session.


August 5, 2008. Daily, Nail art.

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