The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon – movie review

I think Jet Li is also very good in evil roles. The first movie I recall in which he isn’t some sort of a hero, is The One. Since then, he has been in others but I think casting him in the role of the evil Emperor is a good choice. When you are asked to create an imagery of an ancient tyrant emperior, you envision middle-aged or older men with a long beard and so forth. However, it makes perfect historical sense really, that the Emperor of warring times, should be someone like Jet Li. Young and strong.

And is it me but, Michelle Yeoh looked a little… well, mature, in this movie. And doesn’t come across very convincing as someone who will/has mourned the lost of her beloved for two thousand years.

Isabella Leong, casted as Yeoh’s daughter Lin, was simply gorgeous.

I saw some poor reviews on the internet and didn’t have much high expectations when I went to see this movie. But it turned out to be pretty good!

Ok, concede that as with Mummy 1 and 2 the story line is simple and not much suspense or thrilling aspects. But watch it for the great graphics. I mean, hey, watch Jet Li command a terracota army, his battle with Yeti (the abdominal snowman?) and an avalanche.

Brendan Fraser is as expected in his role as Richard O’Connell, but I didn’t like Maria Bello as Richard’s wife, Evelyn. She is beautiful and all, but… let’s just say that she wasn’t very convincing in that role. Either that or Rachael Weisz left shoes too large to fill.


August 8, 2008. Daily.

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