Flower shopping for Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year will be here in a week!

It is a time of family, good food and lots and lots of colours!

One thing that many families in Singapore do is to get some new plants for the home in auspicious colours or meanings. This is a time nurseries in Singapore have booming business.

I went with mum to get some flowers for our home and really enjoyed the sight of beautiful flowers.


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Space saver for small bathrooms


Open shelving over the toilet. Now why didn’t I think of that?


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Cozy seat


There’s something appealing about this chair that had been refurbished with fur. I once helped an ex boyfriend line the boot of his vintage VW Beetle with faux fur in hot pink so fur and I definitely have a little history going on there!

And it seems like a pretty simple project that even I will be able to manage it.

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Derawan Diving

I cannot begin to describe what a beautiful diving destination this is. It took us a whole day to get there (Singapore to an island in Indonesia) which included two flights, vehicle transfer and a speedboat ride, but it was all worth it. Though I think my friends wouldn’t repeat the journey with me.


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What is this picture about? Nothing much, except a nice view at after-work drinks the other day, and to start blogging again. Why and would I continue? Not sure. Let’s see how much joy this brings me.

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