Flower shopping for Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year will be here in a week!

It is a time of family, good food and lots and lots of colours!

One thing that many families in Singapore do is to get some new plants for the home in auspicious colours or meanings. This is a time nurseries in Singapore have booming business.

I went with mum to get some flowers for our home and really enjoyed the sight of beautiful flowers.


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Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

This Mid-Autumn festival I spent listening to free outdoor concerts by the Singapore Philharmonic Winds and Singapore Symphonic Orchestra. What’s Mid-Autumn without the lanterns?

I still maintain paper lanterns are more fun and those new gadget-y ones that are battery operated and chimes cheesy tunes.

Bishan park… seems like the rain did not dampen many people’s spirits.

An impromtu candle boat, carrying my wish. Would it come true?

An impromtu candle boat, carrying my wish. Would it come true?

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Freebie: Bike Fest mobile cleaner

Guess what Kel gave me?

Haha, NOT the mobile phone. But the niffy mobile cleaner (the little round thing I have attached to the phone). The other side of it is in a nice, soft, spongy material, and is used to clean fingerprints/grease/dust/etc off your mobile. Cute huh?!

And … yeah… I know I’ve got a LV wallpaper. Stop laughing at me… wanna see my Chanel one?

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The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon – movie review

I think Jet Li is also very good in evil roles. The first movie I recall in which he isn’t some sort of a hero, is The One. Since then, he has been in others but I think casting him in the role of the evil Emperor is a good choice. When you are asked to create an imagery of an ancient tyrant emperior, you envision middle-aged or older men with a long beard and so forth. However, it makes perfect historical sense really, that the Emperor of warring times, should be someone like Jet Li. Young and strong.

And is it me but, Michelle Yeoh looked a little… well, mature, in this movie. And doesn’t come across very convincing as someone who will/has mourned the lost of her beloved for two thousand years.

Isabella Leong, casted as Yeoh’s daughter Lin, was simply gorgeous.

I saw some poor reviews on the internet and didn’t have much high expectations when I went to see this movie. But it turned out to be pretty good!

Ok, concede that as with Mummy 1 and 2 the story line is simple and not much suspense or thrilling aspects. But watch it for the great graphics. I mean, hey, watch Jet Li command a terracota army, his battle with Yeti (the abdominal snowman?) and an avalanche.

Brendan Fraser is as expected in his role as Richard O’Connell, but I didn’t like Maria Bello as Richard’s wife, Evelyn. She is beautiful and all, but… let’s just say that she wasn’t very convincing in that role. Either that or Rachael Weisz left shoes too large to fill.

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Yu Ya fish spa – People’s Park, Chinatown

It was pretty scary at first when the fishes swarm towards you.

Nails for this week. I was lazy so its simple.

 I heard about a fish spa in Chinatown, $13 for 30 mins, so I decided to pop by during lunchtime for a fish spa session.

Turns out there’s another one, prices are:

10 mins – $10
20 mins – $18
30 mins – $28

Expensive, right? The nice uncle there told me it’s because they have a top tank that you can dip your hands in as well, a nicer ambience, and they got better fishes.

I said, ok, I’ll pop over to the other one for a look and I’ll decide.

There was a lady in the pool in the other shop. She was there alone in a huge tank of fishes but the fishes are just swimming around, not many on her legs. The fishes looked comparatively more lethargic as well. So, I decided to try the more expensive one. I figured, 20 mins at $18 I would probably get more out of it then 30 mins at this place anyway.


Can you even see my legs in this?

Can you even see my legs in this?

See what I mean?
There's a tank on top as well, for your hands

There's a tank on top as well, for your hands



The shop itself

The shop itself



The tip is not to look when you first place your feet in. The truth is, the sight of the fishes swarming towards you in a, I would interpret it as, hungry, manner, could be pretty scary. In terms of the sensation it feels like slight nibbling. Similar to when my dog licks my hand, though this is obviously not a tongue and is the mouths of small fishes…. argghh… I dont’ know how to explain! But it’s not that scary really, once you get used to the idea.

In terms of actual exfoliation, I say nothings beats a scrub and a foot file. But for the experience it was fun. Would I make this a regular part of my healthcare/skincare regime? Probably not. I would rather get another foot reflexology session.

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Botanica Gardens – Free concert by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra

Twilight at the Botanical Gardens. Sweet music by the SCO. Picnic on the green grass, underneath the blue sky. I should do this more often!

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US Doggie Bakery

We visited the branch located in Turf City, though the address couldn’t be found in the website. And it’s only at this point that I realised I had totally neglected to take any photos of Nikky! Silly mummy. I will remember next time.

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Over the weekend, I went for a fish spa session at Farmart. http://www.farmart.com.sg/

What is fish spa?

“(Nov 11) SOME people squirm wildly and cry out as they thrash in a treatment pool. Other alarmed types thump the walls. Strong men, meanwhile, have been known to giggle.

These reactions are from Singaporeans being eaten alive by fish.

No, it’s not some sort of bizarre Jaws experience involving sharks and hot tubs. It’s a new craze catching on in a big way – fish therapy.

Tiny toothless Turkish spa fish, of the Garra rufa species, nibble off the dead skin on your hands and feet, leaving healthy skin to grow.

The feeling? Something between hundreds of tweezers and tiny suction cups gently pecking at your feet.

According to enthusiasts, the feeding sessions by these 9cm- to 12cm-long fish can leave you feeling massaged, glowing and with improved skin.

Many people also believe that the Doctor Fish therapy can cure problems like psoriasis, a disease that causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin.

It’s become popular in Japan, South Korea, China and Europe, and three places offering this service have sprung up in Singapore over the past year.”

~ Extracted from Asiaone http://health.asiaone.com/Health/Alternative%2BMedicine/Story/A1Story20071113-36253.html

It was a fun couple of hours. Farmart is more then just a place for fish spa. There are also farms, shops and restaurants.

I think it’s true that children brings joy to our lives. It was certainly a fun day out!


67 Sungei Tengah Rd , Singapore ( 699008 )

Tel : 65 6767 0070
Fax: 65 6767 0010
Email: contact@farmart.com.sg

Free Admission
Free Parking

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Perth in December – Jetstar promo

On Friday, I came back from lunch to this email from Jetstar, “blah blah…new route from Singapore to Perth…from $8…..”

$8!!!!!! I quickly went to the website. Ok, $8 tickets each way allows only hand-carry luggage, but we can get 20kg of check-in baggage allowance if we purchase the $28! The promotion ends that night at 10pm, and only whilst stocks last… and I’ve got a problem, I would need to obtain my leave approval and my boss is still at lunch!

I sat at the edge of my seat and waited nervously till he strolled in 20 mins later. I literally chased him to his desk, explained my situation and ask if he could approve my leave immediately. Oh! I love my boss! He is soooo understanding, and was happy that I could make a trip ‘home’, too. In fact, he asked me to send my formal leave application AFTER I’ve booked the promo tickets as he understands that with these promo tickets, we are sometimes unable to get the dates we want, and would have to be more flexible with the travel dates. How sweet is that?

I bounded back to my desk and booked the tickets right away.

I’m feeling deliriously happy. I’m going back to Perth in December!

Yes, I know it’s just for a visit and I’ll only be there for a week, but it would be three years since I left.

I’m looking forward to the trip. The one reason why this trip has been postponed so many times is because the cost is prohibitive. A return ticket from Singapore Airlines would set me back $1188! Back in my days, it would cost just $700+. During my uni days, student tickets could be obtained for $500+!

2 hours later, a friend from Perth who’s also back in Singapore sent me a msg on MSN. I told him about the offer and he immediately went to book a ticket, too. He is a sky-diving fanatic and goes to Perth for sky-diving. Alas, the $8 tickets are no more! The best prices he can get is $108 one way, and $88 the other. No matter, it is still cheap!

I’m looking forward to the trip, and have sent emails/FB msgs to my friends. I’ve so many people to catch up with, and food to eat! (Yummy yummy chilli mussels here I come!)

Think I might rent a car from the airport, instead of renting a cheap car from Bayswater car rental in the city. That would be more convenient, especially since we’re talking about midnight flights.

Went to Farmart today for fish spa. Will blog about that later, photos included!

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Crafty me (pardon the pun!)

Pearls, always glamorous

Pearls, always glamorous

String of ‘pearls’ – $11.60
Rings with diamantes – $5 for a pack of six
Clasp with diamante – $2
Fishing string – $1.30

I bought this one.

Bling up my mobile

Bling up my mobile

Kel says it looks like it spells CHANEL. But I think there’s some piracy laws out which prevents this, unless my name is Chanel.

I’ve also realised that bling doesn’t really turn up in photos taken with an idiot-proof digital camera, unless taken in direct sunlight.

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